Wellnes Services

As a leader in the industry, I am also able to offer individual wellness coaching sessions in person, telephonically, or electronically as another level of engagement.

These programs can be offered as a year- long program, or purchased a la carte based on the needs of your organization. A summary of each of the programs will be provided, as well as a level of interaction/engagement of your employees based on the program.

Level of Interaction/Engagement


Fad Diets: With a New Year, comes new possibilities! (And a new diet!) Low- carb, low fat, the blood type diet, the ice cream diet, gluten-free, Mediterranean or Clean Eating. What works? What doesn’t? How do you spot a fad diet, and what is the BEST method of eating for weight loss, management of heart disease, diabetes, or controlling inflammation at the cellular level?

Living Healthy in an Overcommitted World: This presentation provides an entertaining look at the “state of the union” of where we are today in terms of health, wellness and making better choices to live a healthy life. Discussion of the obesity epidemic, how to read labels, and an action plan that you can walk away with to make you feel better, gain energy and develop a healthy relationship with food.


Sleep Yourself Healthy: Did you know that research completed at Case Western University found that people sleeping less than 6 hours per night have a 60% greater chance of developing diabetes? This presentation provides an engaging format discussing the clinical research on sleep, or sleep deprivation on health, along with trends and methods for increasing healthy sleep and better health. Group participation includes sleep scores and how they relate to health.

Food and Addiction: There is a growing body of research that is exploring the relationship of the choices we make and psychological concerns. Food addiction is defined, as well as the physiology of the brain, including the role of the hypothalamus and dopamine in making food choices.

Is Going ORGANIC Good For You? This highly sought after presentation looks at what organic truly means, what the risks/benefits of purchasing organic means to the consumer, and the research behind the role of organic foods and health.

The Environmental Influence on Eating Behaviors: This presentation will help participants identify factors that contribute to an unhealthy lifestyle and how to combat them with practical methods and little cost. This program will also help people discover solutions to establish a wellness culture that cultivates health and success.


Food and Mood: This very popular presentation looks at the role of neurotransmitters such as dopamine, norepinephrine, epinephrine, and acetylcholine on the brain and how it affects mood, appetite, sleep patterns and overall well-being. There are true chemistry changes that impact why we choose the foods we do, as well as the role of galanin in eating patterns. An action plan for eating better to feeling better will also be provided. Audience breakouts will also be included in this presentation.

Stress Busting Foods: Do you eat when you are stressed? Most people do! This engaging and interactive presentation will provide the clinical research behind the role of stress and food, as well as a list of foods that will increase, as well as decrease cortisol, blood pressure, and inflammation markers in the body. Participants will walk away with a toolbox full of items and actions to reduce stress in your life at work and at home.

Metabolic Meltdown/Fat burning foods: This very popular presentation looks at specific foods and the clinical research behind their true ability to help burn fat faster than others. This highly entertaining and engaging presentation will provide a plan on how to incorporate these specific foods into your life today and set yourself up for success!

Wonder Foods of Wellness: This highly sought out after presentation provides the clinical research behind specific foods and beverages that offer true methods to improve how you look, feel, and improve biomarkers of health, such as weight, blood pressure, lipid profile, and inflammation markers. This program also offers a break-out session with specific foods from the presentation that allow the participants to create a simple, yet, very healthy, item that was discussed in the presentation. (Up to 4 recipes can be created during this session. This has been offered at many corporations for their employees)

With over 20 years of experience as a Registered Dietitian, Licensed Dietitian, Exercise Physiologist, Board Certified Sports Dietitian, Licensed Massage Therapist, and Athlete, I look forward to further discussion on how we can help your employees meet their full potential.  As a past national media spokesperson for over 75,000 people, as well as a local media personality, I am PASSIONATE about providing exceptional wellness communications via television, radio and print media platforms.